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Exactly who is having more fun….



I rushed out this morning, heading in the wrong direction in many ways.  I got all of my paths straight and arrived just a few minutes late, just in time for the sun to peek from beyond the clouds and give us a warm spring day.   And although it looks like this little princess is having the best day of all, I must say, I know it was me.  It was definitely me.




and then it was off to the playground.   (I even got the ponytail for ya.  wink wink)
Have a grand Wednesday!
Lauren Egkan - 03/13/2012 - 8:25 pm

Omg my niece is truly a gem, I could just squeeze those precious cheeks 😉 Sissel, once again, you did an amazing job with these pix, they’re fabulous… So hard to even pic a favorite – love them all! I even love the b&w one of here climbing on the playground (that’s the one picture that looks like me as a kid w/her darling long ponytail) hehe!!

Sissel - 03/13/2012 - 8:55 pm

Thank you Lauren. She’s a beauty for sure!


Kristin - 03/13/2012 - 9:19 pm

Sissel, you truly have a gift. You have captured this angel in her sweetest moments. Every photo is beautiful! Meemaa Kristin

Chris udink - 03/13/2012 - 9:36 pm

Amazing job aunt Sissel thank you so much for all of the awesome pictures of Our little jossy Rae. You are an amazing photographer and artist!

Sissel - 03/13/2012 - 9:47 pm

My pleasure! Meemah did a great job too as stylist and caterer for the event.


Christina - 03/14/2012 - 11:44 am

OMG. She is a doll. Great job Sissel. Where did she get that umbrella? What lense did you use???

Jen - 03/14/2012 - 12:57 pm

Sissel! These pictures are gorgeous. I mean, it helps that the subject matter is a little beauty queen, but you tell such a great story with your pictures!
Kris, was that ponytail your doing? Adorable :)
Love to you all!

the “to do” list

We live in an ever advancing age.  Technology is moving faster than most of us can keep up.  Almost every day I wake up, there is a new program to learn (thank you , or some new shiny product to make your life more organized, efficient, and just plain fun.  (dear Apple, I love you)  Lately, I have been addicted to apps that help me keep up with my ever evolving to do list.  Accomplishing tasks and putting them behind me is one of those freeing feelings I just can’t seem to get enough of.  I do love monkeys, but not when they are riding on my back.  One of the best time organizers I have found so far is Things.  Now as I think of even the smallest “thing” to do, I write it in.

Everyday I am reminded of the number of “things” I need to do that day.  And it stays there until it is checked off.  I just love it.

The best feeling in the world for me is getting through that list.  Well, that may be an overstatement.  Let’s just say being organized and moving forward is a pretty great feeling.  Maybe not “the best”.  What are you using to stay focused and organized?  If you have anything better, I would love for you to share.  We can all be so efficient for 2012, and leave Miss Martha in the dust.


baby cam


A very happy and productive Thursday to you…

a saturday afternoon…




Wake up, sun shining, and a big yellow dog butt in my face.  Catch up on email with a cup of coffee while my dog steals my shoes one by one to get my attention.  Grab dog and go forward for a “pull and drag”- it’s not a walk, it’s a few quick steps and stop every two feet to smell every single leaf on this bush and then, try to pee on it.  And onto to some editing… far, the very best part of my day.  Thank you cool people.  This session was just about effortless for these guys.  Show up, look incredibly cool without even trying, and go home. While laughing and cracking up the whole entire time.  What a great family.  Such a nice Saturday edit so far.



ETA~that is my dog I am describing smelling the bushes, not me.  just to be clear….

t w i t t e r