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sticks and stones…(part one)

can break your bones, or just bruise you really badly.

Yep, my summer is leaving me with varying hues of purple and green (all over).  I have been iced down and medicated up with ibuprofen.  I’ve been tumbled and humbled, bruised and thankfully, not broken.  Each day begins with the discovery of a new bruise and I’m sure the gals who paint my toenails wonder just what the hell I’ve been up to.  This summer started with a quick trip to Zion National Park.  Each day was an adventure and began with a hike straight up the mountains.  Forget the easy trails, we went right for the “treacherous” category.  First hike was called “Angel’s Landing“, which has a trail about two to three feet wide with chains to hold onto because you can fall right off the cliff  if you should happen to trip or slip, etc.  Nice.  Amazing views at the top and well worth the extra heart pumps to get up there.  The next day we headed up “Hidden Canyon” in search of the weeping rock.  Beautiful trail.  Beautiful day.  And a “straight up” start off again.  And more chains to keep me from falling off  the cliff.  Yeah!!  Love the chains!  The last day was one of the best trails of all, “The Narrows“.  No climb this time, but a hike through the Virgin River.  I felt like I was in a commercial for  REI, outfitted with new hiking shoes, special walking sticks, and my new waterpack, although we had all the water we needed right at our feet.  The current would get pretty fast in places and at times we were up to our waist in really cold virgin water. Needless to say, my feet were numb. ( maybe that is how some people were doing this barefoot )  The walls of the canyon were like jagged orange skyscrapers half a mile high.  It was more beautiful with each turn.  I took more pictures on the way back.  The man carried my camera up the river and I carried it back. Smart plan because I would have stopped every five feet for a picture, and we would have not gone anywhere.  He knows me too well.

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